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  • How to Create Compelling Content

    Do other people want to share your content?

     It’s one thing to have a lot of content, but is it quality content? The most important thing is having content that people will want to read and share with their friends. I’ve compiled a few tips to help you create effective content that will engage your audience.

    With a bit of creativity and having a content strategy, you will create a following and attract people to your page. Here’s a few tips that will help you create engageing content.

    • It’s important to have a eye catching headline. You need to be able to draw people in. No one is going to read your content if your title is boring, you need to give your readers some incentive to want to read on.

    • Surprisingly, having a great image can make a huge difference, especially on social network sites like Facebook and Google + and of course, Pinterest.

    • Make sure you don’t have any pop ups or anything that will slow down your loading time. People can be impatient when trolling online, they want to see your content as quickly as possible, or they will get board and click away.

    • Keep your posts relevant to your audience.

    • When posting on Twitter- Keep your tweets short and sweet. Twitter gives you 140 characters for a reason. Don’t ramble on, get to the point. Another reason for this is that you need to allow people the space to retweet your content and be able to write their own comments and opinions. It will encourage and allow people to engage with your content.

    • A clean, good-looking site design with user friendly formatting makes a great reader experience — and that will increase your shares.

    • Track your results: So you posted a random funny cat video, your comments, likes and followers increased, but now what do you do? It’s important to know why some posts are ranking better than others! Make sure they tie into your overall content strategy or they will become posts for the sake of posts, which are great at that point in time but the popularity will die and then what? You will just eventually hit a dead end.

    Most importantly, make sure your content is remarkably useful, reasonably entertaining and reader-friendly. That’s the kind of content that influential social media mavens like to share.

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  • What Is SEO? (In Plain English)

    Sometimes it’s good to go back to basics. We’ve heard the phrase, ‘SEO’ but for those who are still trying to get their head around it all, we thought we’d explain what SEO actually means in plain english.

    SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. SEO is a technique used to promote and improve the visibility of website pages. This will help increase the amount of traffic in a search engine’s ‘natural or organic’, (unpaid) search results. Unlike us, computers are text-driven, so your website needs to be structured in a way that the search engine “spiders” can understand. There are many ways you can optimise your website, including relevant keywords, links and providing relevant and quality content are just a few.

    Don’t get me wrong, search engine “Spiders” aren’t stupid, they’re actually pretty smart.
    That being said, it’s still really important to have your pages optimized to help them properly understand what you’re trying to communicate with your content so that your page is ultimately be found in search.

    So the questions remains - how do you structure your website so that search engines will rank you in search results? In a nutshell, combine a well thought out plan with great content and quality links and you will gain search engine success!

    If you’re feeling a bit confused, don’t worry, you’re not alone, we will explain the inner workings of SEO and some useful SEO tips in the upcoming blogs, so watch this space for more!