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  • How to get the most out of Pinterest

    ahh Pinterest, what’s not to like?

    Hours of scrolling, tired eyeballs, and endless infographics. I’m a massive fan of Pinterest and use it for inspiration, ideas and planning events. I found it the most helpful when I was planning my wedding. I pinned everything! Hairstyles, flowers, food ideas, shoes, colour themes, invitations ect, pretty much anything you’re looking for, you can guarantee there’ll be a board for it! Not only is Pinterest useful for personal use, it also can benefit your SEO, traffic volume, content distribution and relationship building. Depending on your number of followers and the virality of your post, Pinterest can also get your content in front of large audiences quickly and businesses with great visual content are benefiting.

    What does all this mean for brands and your business?

    Given the growing popularity of Pinterest among the social interwebs, it’s not about to die anytime soon. In fact it is only getting bigger and with the increased adoption of Vine and instagram, many social media platforms are moving toward a more visual form of social engagement. Now is great time to embrace this visual platform to promote your business.

    Here’s some stats you may find interesting:

    • Pinterest was born in March 2010, which makes it 3 and a bit years old. In that time it has earned 70 million users and 30 billion pins!

    • 75% of daily traffic comes from the Pinterest mobile site.

    • The average time spent on Pinterest per visit is 14.2 minutes as of the 29th March 2014.

    So who is using Pinterest and what are they pinning about?

    The big question is, which sex is the most addictive pinner? It looks like the girls take the cake on this one, with a whopping 80 percent of pinners being female. Additionally, women post 92 % of all pins on the site, which leaves only 8% for the guys. Which also means Pinterest could be a great place to meet the ladies…right guys? *wink wink* ;)

    If you're not sure where to begin, but you want to start using pinterest for your business, heres a few tips to get you started:

    1. Collaborate with users, interact and connect with other Pinterest users. Group boards are a great way to do this, and help earn you more pins, likes and traffic.

    2. Know your audience: Before you start posting, it’s important to have a content plan and know who your target audience is, what appeals to them and how they consume information (in this case, visuals.)

    3. Start creating specialized boards: For each audience, brainstorm a list of themes and create boards around these themes. Drive traffic through different sites. Ensure to pin images from your own website, this will add a ‘nofollow’ link to your web URL underneath your pin.

    4. Focus on quality images and a compelling description that encourages response.

    5. Moderate the board: It’s important to keep up with what’s trending at the time eg: events, looks or themes to encourage the virality of your post. Study which boards are more popular and reinforce what is working on your own board.

    6. Start Pinning: Now all you have to do is start pinning with pins that you think your audience would find visually attractive and want to re-pin. Don’t aim to sell, make sure you aim to inspire your users to re-pin, like or comment.

    7. Have fun: Don’t get caught up in the business side, Pinterest is meant to be personal and informal so dont be afraid to have fun and also pin from other content as well as your own. This is like, as my college Luke says, “Adding bait to the hook’.

    When is a good time to pin?

    Given that Pinterest is useful for planning events and inspiration, it can be very seasonal and there are some clear trends in the types of pins people are sharing at certain times. For example, holiday themed pins start to increase in August, Christmas themed pins in December, and ironically, as the top new years resolution is to lose weight, health and fitness trends seem to move up in January and the early part of the year. So keep an eye out for different trends and see how you can use them to benefit your business.

    The chart below from RJMetrics shows the best time to pin throughout the day. Pins begin really taking off at 8am, and increase throughout the day, with a final spike at around 9pm.


    Now go forth and take advantage of all Pinterest has to offer. Happy Pinning!