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  • How To Get Max Value Out Of Google +

    We all know Google Plus is important for SEO but let’s face it, sometimes Google Plus can seem deserted! It’s not the easiest social network to gain a following, so how do we engage an audience? We’re going to have a look at why it is worth having Google + and how we can engage our audience.

    Why Have Google Plus?

    While Google Plus isn’t as popular as Facebook or Twitter, the number of monthly active users on any Google product now exceeds over 500 million. While it still has while to go to compare to the 1 billion, 110 monthly active users on Facebook, it holds a massive amount of potential and Google hasn’t given up yet. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, Google Plus allows you to interact through many more avenues like YouTube and direct Google search.

    This means that for visitors who engage with you through Google+, the potential traffic channels multiply. This can only work if you put the effort in to engage your audience and then they actually engage with your page. Although Google Plus is similar to Facebook, it involves a few new tactics that some people can easily miss and could lose opportunities to engage with your followers. So heres a few tips you can use to make the most out of Google Plus.

     1. Always have a Title

    This may sound really basic but it makes a huge difference and is something often people miss. Unlike the other social networks, Google Plus posts are like mini blogs, so not only will it make your blog stand out, but it will also incorporate your headline into the title tag of the post and will also be the headline that appears in Google search results. Spend a bit of time on this and make sure it’s SEO friendly and fits with your mini blog. 

     2. Utilize your circles

    Once you’ve come up with some great content, it’s important that you make the most of sharing with your audience. A great feature on Google Plus is circles. While posting to ‘public’ is great, adding your circles and selecting individuals in your share settings will send them a notification and post it directly to them. This could be very powerful or very dangerous so remember, with great power comes great responsibility and don’t spam.

     3. Use Formatting

    Another great thing that Google plus has over other social platforms is the ability to use formatting and special symbols. This will allow your content to be set out a lot more clearly and make your posts easier to read and more appealing to your audience.

     4. Use hashtags

    We all know about hashtags from Facebook and Twitter, but Google Plus uses them in completely different ways. Google has the ability to create auto hashtags and will use them to organise and recommend content, and form relationships between topics. If you don’t add your own hashtags, Google will identify the main keywords in your text and convert them into hashtags. This may not be the best option and isn’t always accurate, so make sure you add your own relevant hashtags at the end of the body of each post, but don’t spam. Here’s some insight into hashtags by Mark Traphagen.
    Google + Hash Tags

    5. Make sure you have a Google + page URL

    Having a Google Plus URL will make it a lot easier for people to find you in search results and will also help a great deal in SEO. To find out more, check out one of our blog’s as Luke explains why it’s important to have a Google PLus URL and how to get one here:

    6. Promote +1’s

    In the past, it’s been quite evident that +1’s have had a positive effect on Google search rankings. This means +1’s can potentially be quite valuable so promoting the ability to +1 your content might not be such a bad idea! Ensure you have +1 snippits for your page to make this even easier for people to do. You can find the details here:

    Do you have any extra Google + tips? Let us know!

  • Google Plus Customised URL's

    Google is now offering an option to be able to customise your Google Plus Page URL.

    A personalised URL is a short, simple web address that will link you directly to your Google Plus profile or page. This feature is fantastic as it allows you to link to your page without the clunky numbers.

    For example I could have:

    instead of a billion numbers


    Personalised URL’s are great for SEO because they play a big part in helping search engines to decide the relevance of potential search results. They’re also really useful for helping people to remember how to get to your social profile, and makes it a lot better to promote on your website or print media.

    There’s just a few guidelines you need to follow to be eligible for a personalised URL.
    1. You have to have at least 10 followers in your page circles.

    2. Your account needs to have been active for at least a month.

    3. You have to have a profile photo on your profile or page to show that you’re a real person. (which is pretty much a given)

    You can make sure your page is eligible for a Google Plus URL by providing a link between your Google Plus page and your website. You can do this by connecting your Google Plus page and your website using the Google Plus badge on your website, linking your website to your Google plus page and adding your website link on your Google Plus page.

    Before you get too excited and start making your own ‘Batman’ URL’s, note this.
    Google doesn’t let you choose your own URL, but instead will automatically choose one for you, based around your name. This has caused lots of controversy online because Google have often suggested pretty useless and ugly URL’s for you.

    Google states that you can’t really change your URL once it’s set, except for changing the formatting, or changing from uppercase to lowercase, so choose wisely.

    If your account has been established you may get the option to create your own, but it’s a bit of a process with not a lot of flexibility. You will have to submit your request, complete with a valid reason for the change then after you've submitted it, Google will review it and a couple of days later, let you know if it's approved, or if you need to try again.


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