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  • Why Bother With a Facebook Page?

    Many businesses are starting to ask the question, ‘Why should we bother with a Facebook page?’ I mean, it’s a fair bit of work keeping your page updated, is it just a waste of time?’

    Even if your audience has no intention of buying anything on Facebook, it most certainly isnt a waste of time, the relationships you can build with your customers on Facebook can be extremely valuable to your business in so many ways.

    Heres just a few benefits to creating a Facebook page:

    Being on Facebook allows you to be found in a unique way
    Your customers will be able to ‘like’ your page, read your posts and share them with their friends. It will allow you to have personal, one-on-one conversations with your audience, which will help to build relationships and trust. Not only does it benefit your customers individually, but it also provides your business with another avenue for introducing customers who may have never found your website. Social sharing is basically another form of ‘word of mouth’ and we all know how valuable word of mouth can be! Facebook also provides a way for future employees, customers, and even the media to find information about your company values, character and the products and services you offer on a deeper level.

    • Social is good for your SEO
      Social signals around your website content are quite valuable when it comes to search rankings. This means the better the content and engagement on Facebook, (eg: the more likes, shares and comments) the more search engines will see your site as relevant and therefore likely give you higher rankings in search. As a business, you want to show up on search engines and make it as easy as you can for people to find you. Having a Facebook Business Page will help drive traffic to your site and the great thing is, Facebook not only allows, but encourages you to link to your website. Even redirecting a small amount of traffic from Facebook could grately improve the amount of traffic on your website.

    For some really interesting correlation data stats on the link between social activity and search rankings, check out this 2013 search ranking factors article by Moz:

    Basically what this tell us is that if you are running a facebook page, firstly, It’s going to help your website rankings if your Facebook presence is done properly. Secondly, you want to be focusing on increasing your content shares as Facebook shares have the highest correlation with search rankings.

    • You need to be where your audience is
      Theres no doubt that with the total number of active users exceeding 1.31 billion people each month, Facebook has become an active part of life for a fifth of the worlds population as of Jan 2014. Let’s face it: your clients are not going to log onto your website every day, but more than half of all users log on to Facebook in any given day and could come across your page, you don’t want to miss that opportunity.

    • Having a Facebook business page can also make it easier to reach large groups of people frequently, with a message targeted to your customers needs.
      Facebook supplies you with insights that allow you to track your page likes, post reach, and level of user engagement. This will give you a broader understanding of your audience and allow you to utilize this information to target your audience with your posts and also advertising.

    Now that you know why having your own business page is so important, what are you waiting for? Here’s Facebook’s step by step guide on how to set up your own page:

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  • How To Know If You’re Ready For SEO

    Now that you know what SEO is, or at least the basics. It’s time to get prepared.

    So how do you know if you’re ready to delve into the SEO world? Here’s a few basic things you’ll need to know. We’ve come up with ‘four C’s’ that will help you to focus on some quite basic but incredibly necessary SEO tasks.


    You need to have content “flowing from the heavens”. The more content you have the better. It’s always good to have a pool of content waiting and ready to go when you need it. You should aim to be a few weeks ahead so you don’t run out of content and are able to keep your updates consistent without putting up last minute posts. Which brings us to the second C.


    Having consistent updates are a huge part of your SEO. One of the most common mistakes within companies on the area of blogging and social media is inconsistency and lack of strategy around their online presence. Some people believe that as long as you have a Facebook Company Page, that means your pure existence will be enough to gain popularity, likes and engagement- sadly this is far from the truth. Having consistent, creative posts that provide MASSIVE value to your audience will help to grow your audience and ultimately make a huge difference in your SEO.

    Content Plan:

    It’s very important that you have a content plan and strategy in place. You need to know where you’re going to post your content to get the best results. No one will find your content purely by googling it, unless you promote it online. You want to make as easy as possible for your content to be found.


    It’s important to have multiple contact points for your content so that it can be found and indexed quickly. So get out there and use your social media, blog and affiliated sites to point to your fresh new content. You want to make it as easy as possible for your content to be found but be sure not to spam the interwebzz...too many unnatural looking links and promotions of your content will end up hurting your SEO.

    Now you know the 4 C’s, you are ready to jump into the world of SEO!
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