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  • 3 Keys to Great SEO - Coffee Drinkers Edition

    I LOVE COFFEE…!!!... and I’ve also had the pleasure of working as a barista in the past, which certainly had it’s benefits for a coffee addicted individual like myself. Since starting SEO consulting in 2012 I’ve seen a HUGE amount of similarities between what it takes to make a great coffee and what it takes to execute a winning SEO campaign.

    I’m a big advocate for both quality coffee and quality SEO, so today I’m going to bring the two together in an attempt to give you 3 of the major keys to SEO success and put them into relatable comparisons that all us coffee drinkers can understand!

    Here we go:

    1. It’s all in the process & preparation

    The difference between a great coffee and a terrible one lies in the quality of the bean, setup of the espresso machine and grinder the tools used, the experience, head knowledge and skill of the barista and attention to detail through the entire coffee making process.

    You can’t just grind some coffee and add some water! Each shot should be weighed and timed, use the right amount of pressure, served at the right temperature. Every little variable matters and can mean the difference between a good coffee and Starbucks!

    The preparation, process and execution of an SEO campaign is the same. It needs to be practiced and precise in order to provide great results.

    The time that goes into preparing an SEO campaign tailored and geared towards the clients needs is one of the most important steps. An SEO consultant should understand in detail the needs of your business and how they can concoct a precise SEO campaign that gives you results and will leave you wanting more.


    2. One flavour does not please all

    The myth of 'instant SEO' is just that, a myth. "Instant" SEO leaves you with a bad taste, drops you hard and isn’t made with love. Much like coffee, there’s a different flavour of SEO required to achieve the unique goals of each business. For instance, you may need a bigger focus on social, inbound links or perhaps content optimisation; maybe you’re a cappuccino kinda guy, or maybe a soy latte, even an espresso, do you need some sugar with your cup of joe? It's important to find out what it takes in order to get the results you’re looking for and that can sometimes take a while and some trial and error to figure out.

    At the end of the day it’s all about hitting the winning combination of each ingredient in order to produce a quality campaign that will help your business thrive online. There are people out there who will offer you “instant results” that they claim are easy to achieve (aka Blend 43), but when it comes down to it, the hit from instant results dissappears quickly and never tastes as good. Why not enjoy a single origin long black from Ethiopia instead?


    3. Constant recalibration is required to produce quality results

    To produce a great coffee constant attention must be given to the always changing variables. The machine, air temperature, humidity, the grind, water temperature, dosing weight must be constantly adjusted and tested to ensure the right results are being produced. This kind of careful study of the results and recalibration is also required when executing an ongoing SEO campaign.

    Just to name a few, it’s imperative to keep an eye on link scape, site errors, site referrers, content value & consistency, time on site, page load times, titles and metadata, and of course the Google algorithm changes. A slight change in one could mean a shift of focus is needed to the others. You’ve got to keep your eye on it and know what to do to fix it!

    So there are just some of the similarities between making coffee and an SEO campaign! Have you thought of any similarities? Let us know in the comments below! Or if this blog has tickled your appetite for an SEO campaign of your own, click here, fill out the tiny form and we’ll send you out a free quote tailored for your business!